Cleaning Stonework

Immaculate Exteriors has over the carried out an extensive range of stone cleaning projects for a wide and equally diverse range of clients.

As a specialist contractor, we have been involved in the cleaning of a huge variety of buildings and surfaces gaining considerable knowledge and experience in the careful sympathetic cleaning and removal of all forms of contamination and environmental pollution.

Stonework is particularly vulnerable to damage if carried out by unqualified and inexperienced contractors. This is where our expertise comes in.

We will assess the condition of your stone work, whether in your garden, facade of commercial property entrance, and know the exact cleaning agents nd amount of water pressure to apply to get a good finish.

We consider the environmental impact of our work and will only ever use chemical removers if absolutely necessary, disposing of them safely and ensuring that the work we carry out is done in line with risk assessments to protect you, your employees, members of the public and our workers.

To find out more about how we can clean your stonework, contact us using the details below.

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