Cleaning Brickwork

Immaculate Exteriors has over the carried out an extensive range of brick cleaning projects for a wide range of clients including commercial and domestic properties.

Over the years, London’s pollution causes a build up of grease, dirt and grime with bricks losing their character and colour and in some cases causing damage to the brickwork and mortar.

As a specialist contractor, we have years of knowledge and experience in the careful and sympathetic cleaning and removal of all forms of contamination and environmental pollution on brickwork, ensuring that our work does not damage the property facade or pointing.

In some instances controlled pressurised water jetting is sufficient, however, some will need the assistance of detergents and specialist chemicals to help release stubborn soiling and contamination, which we will balance with due consideration for the environment.. in short, we only use chemical agents where absolutely necessary and always choose the right type of cleaning agent for your particular property.

We also prioritise safety, using reputable scaffolders and protective measures for homeowners, staff, members of the public and our workers.

If you are looking for brick cleaning in London, Greater London or the surrounding areas, whether an London office building, hotel, retail unit or home, click the button below to request a call back for an informal discussion and to arrange a free quotation.

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