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Immaculate Exteriors based in London and covering The City, West End, South and North London and greater London, offer a full range of external cleaning services for domestic and commercial properties from jet washing high rise office blocks to cleaning block paving. See below for details about some of our services.

Immaculate Exteriors has over the carried out an extensive range of stone & brick cleaning projects for a wide and equally diverse range of clients.

As a specialist contractor, we have been involved in the cleaning of a huge variety of buildings and surfaces gaining considerable knowledge and experience in the careful sympathetic cleaning and removal of all forms of contamination and environmental pollution.

In some instances controlled pressurised water jetting is sufficient, however, most will need the assistance of detergents and specialist chemicals to help release stubborn soiling and contamination. However, the use of such introduces environmental issues and safety considerations.

Additionally, important factors will be the type of access involved, protection of staff, visitors, general public safety, and possibly arrangements with the Highways Agency.

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Immaculate Exteriors is an experienced commercial contractor working for local authorities, housing associations, businesses and London Transport in and around the London area.

We can work at height to clean your high rise block of flats, office complex or glass facade.

Using ropes, pullies and platforms, we can reach the most awkward or areas and remove stubborn stains and build up.

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A complete building restoration solution for stone and brick facades, historical weathering details retained, buildings restored without losing its past. Sensitive masonry restoration to help buildings live into the future. Our methods are aligned BS 8221-1:2012: Cleaning and surface repair of your buildings.

Sympathetic building restoration solutions in line with the philosophy of Historic England, we restore sandstone, limestone, brick, and terracotta. We work with the condition of the building, adjusting cleaning methods to suit the condition of the masonry, ensuring to create a balanced finish without over-cleaning or damaging the façade.

Onsite facade cleaning test trials are essential in creating pre-project clarity and cost certainty, this process enables us to collectively build greater understanding. We will always seek to understand why you are looking to restore your building façade, this will enable us to build a clear vision of how we can help you whilst working within any listed building, conservation guidelines, planning issues or restrictions. Methods of cleaning are reviewed, risk and limitations of each method discussed so you understand what you can and can’t achieve from your project.

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Driveways and patios in London may suffer from high traffic pollution, pigeons, weeds and petrol spills. 

In addition, pub gardens, restaurant car parks and outdoor seating areas for your clients or staff can start to look worn and tired after time.

We can help keep your patio, driveway or outdoor paved area clean and pleasant all year round, whether your home or business.

We offer an out of hours service and are able to carry out the work early in the morning, late evening, nights, or weekends, whichever time is most convenient for your business. You do not need to be open for us to carry out the work.

Our vans are fully equipped which enables us to arrive and clean without needing to ask you for power or water.

We can clean on a regular basis or undertake a deep clean following an event with high footfall.

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Immaculate Exteriors operates several mobile self-contained steam cleaning vehicles that do not need external power or water supplies.

As a result, these units along with the qualified operators can be at your site removing the graffiti within hours.

Our teams are trained and aware of the importance of not using any chemical preparations where possible (steam and pressure can be applied to most graffiti for effective removal), but where some preparations may be required (more likely with the application of metallic based spray paint), we ensure that all waste generated from this process is contained and disposed of correctly.

If we are working near street telecommunications equipment or other street furniture that may contain electrical equipment it is imperative that our cleaning method adapts to ensure that no water damage occurs to such sensitive equipment. All graffiti will be cleaned from these surfaces by hand and with the correct preparations with all waste generated removed from the site.

Stone buildings and sensitive areas are also no problem for our team, and we will always consult with you on these types of projects before commencement.

We use carefully vetted chemicals (we supply you with all the COSHH data sheets and risk assessments), and technology along with our trained team of operatives to remove graffiti and protect the surface against future attack.

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Awnings/Canopy’s in London suffer from high traffic pollution, pigeons, sticky sap from trees, and mould which doesn’t help the look of your commercial premises. We use detergent and 100% purified water directly from our vehicles to your awnings making them look Immaculate, really standing out from the rest.

We use 100% purified water. The reason for this is the water is designed to absorb dirt, meaning we don’t have to use so much water or too much detergent, as this is better for the environment

We offer an out of hours service and are able to carry out the work early in the morning, late evening, nights, or weekends, whichever time is most convenient for your business. You do not need to be open for us to carry out the work.

Our vans are fully equipped which enables us to arrive and clean without needing to ask you for power or water.

Before and after cleaning:

We start by washing the awnings with our own made purified water. We then use our detergent to wash and clean the awnings. Then we will wash off the detergent and any excess dirt. So now your awnings are perfectly clean we will then wash down your windows and frames, then clean them so now the awnings and front are all clean.

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We are vastly experienced in the restoration of brick and stone work using our skills and knowledge to sympathetically restore heritage proprty facades


We clean stains and dirt from period property brickwork including taking care not to damage the pointing

Slate and Tile

With specialist cleaning tools and agents for restoring all types of roofing, facade and paving


Ensuring that stone cladding and local stonework is cleaned without damaging your facade

Damage repair

Including repointing, brick replacement and stone replacement carefully matched

Answers to Your
Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remove graffiti completely?

Yes, we can remove graffiti completely from most types of surface, including painted surfaces, with our of hours service for emergency situations.

Is any job too small?

We undertake everything from large scale office complexes to small domestic properties; contact us and we will discuss your property requirements with you.

What areas do you cover?

We work in the London area which includes The City, West End, central London, North London, South London and the surrounding areas including Greater London.

Will you damage my property?

No, we are highly experienced and work carefully and diligently to ensure that our pressure washers are just right, with the right products to ensure a good clean.

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