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Terms & Conditions - Exterior Cleaning

The surface requiring attention will be thoroughly cleaned and we will always take great care to produce the best result possible.

However, with heavy deposits of, for example, grease, some faint traces may be left behind despite the use of specialist products to dissolve the grease and time and effort being spent. This is because some surfaces will absorb stains.

Though we always do our best, it is not Immaculate Exterior's claim to be able to leave surfaces as they were before contamination (i.e. when new).

It is the customer's responsibility to identify any electrical points, equipment and any other items or fittings etc that may be sensitive to moisture. The customer is responsible for their protection and repair if required.

Care will be taken during the cleaning of or around windows and doors. If liquid enters through such areas then power washing can be curtailed if requested. These areas can be washed by hand instead though this may incur extra labor costs at the customer's expense.

Immaculate Exteriors will take the utmost care not to direct water into the property but cannot be held liable for any damage caused by moisture entering the property.

If Immaculate Exteriors cleans near, for example, old paint work on masonry or wood, flakes of this paint may be dislodged during cleaning. In such situations, reinstatement or redecoration of areas close to cleaning carried out by Immaculate Exteriors is the customer's responsibility.

Very small amounts of non-hazardous ingredients, not classified as hazardous chemicals, may be used. Many are under the Directive 88/379/ EEC and the CHIP Regulations 1996 (UK).

Most non-hazardous chemicals are biodegradable and, whilst not corrosive on plants and vegetation, we will wash off splashes with clean water. This will be done to vegetation near to where work is being carried out but no guarantee is implied or given that some plants will not react to some chemicals used.

It is the customer's responsibility to inform properties next door or nearby, fellow workers and, if necessary, the public that work is being carried out.

It is the customer's responsibility to make provisions if necessary to maintain safely any public rights of way during the work.

It is the customer's responsibility to take adequate measures to safeguard other peoples' property, clothing, vehicles etc. by covering them if necessary.

Chemicals and other consumables can vary. Immaculate Exteriors reserves the right to amend the costs accordingly should any unforeseen costs arise.

Sample areas that represent the desired degree of cleanliness are to be approved by the client before the whole area is cleaned and the accepted sample area preserved for reference until the end of the job. This existence of a "clean" sample for comparison and an agreement can avoid unpleasant surprises and misunderstandings. The test areas will be done for a quoted price based on; time, travelling and materials used.

High winds, very heavy rain and frost can prevent work. Once the temperature falls below 50C or a frost is forecast for that night then work will be stopped.

Extra cost of any hire equipment due to any delay in the work caused by bad weather, or caused by the customer, must be covered by the customer.

If at anytime whilst carrying out the work it is found that the achieved degree of cleanliness is not acceptable for whatever reason then the client and Immaculate Exteriors must decide whether to continue or to stop work. If it is decided to cease work the client will pay for the area of cleaning done to date, (proportion of total area of quotation.) If however a different method can be established and approved work may continue, an adjustment to the quote may be necessary.

A deposit of between 10% and 50% may be required before work can start. This will be noted on the quotation.

Payment of the balance is due once work is completed


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