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Exterior Cleaning – Pressure Washing and Steam Cleaning

Minimum job cost  175 + VAT.

This price usually covers the hot washing of small, easily accessible sites including patios, front steps, terraces, balconies, basement areas, shop fronts and awnings.

Over and above that we calculate cost based on surface area, location, level of contamination and accessibility. Each job is priced individually.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Masonry Cleaning

Minimum job cost  175 + VAT

We remove surface grime, traffic film and carbon deposits using steam cleaning, chemical cleaning, JOS cleaning and hand finishing.

In all instances of brick and stone cleaning it is necessary to visit the site in order to provide a quote or at the very least to see photographs.

Please email photographs to  along with any available information about the work to be carried out.

Masonry Paint Removal

Minimum job cost 250 + VAT.

Due to the nature of the task - removing unknown numbers of layers of paint - this work has to be costed carefully.

Each job is priced individually depending on location, access and, most importantly, how many layers of paint there are on the building. How easily they can be removed depends on the age of the paint, whether it is water or oil based, the quality of the paint, it's adherence to the substrate, the quality of the substrate. We use hot pressure washing and a non toxic, biodegradable paint stripper that produces non chemical paint waste.

On older buildings we do on rare occasions come across lime coatings upon which no paint stripper will have an effect. On these occasions we consult with the client. We can sometimes remove this but only through mechanical abrasion. The same applies to "stabiliser" products that were applied in past decades in order to bind facades.

It is a good idea to carry out a small test area at a cost of 95 + VAT. This allows the client to see the condition of the brickwork underneath the paint and allows us to ascertain the extent of the works to be carried out. A quote is then provided and if the owner wishes to proceed with the project then only 50% of the test cost is invoiced.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements

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