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Pressure Washing Services - Algae Treatment

Algae & moss removal, treatment & control services London

Immaculate Exteriors can wash away unsightly and slippery algae and moss from roofs, paths, patios, driveways , decking, garden ornaments and statues etc.

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Roof Moss - Algae Removal and Treatment

Most roof cleaning companies use a high pressure power washer for roof cleaning to remove moss and algae.

However, high pressure roof cleaning machine can sometimes leave the roof in a less stable condition than before it was cleaned.

We don't use a high pressure washer for our roof cleaning service. We use low - medium pressure washer roof cleaning techniques that guarantee to get rid of unwanted moss and algae and can then treat it to stop the algae and moss returning

Dangers of excessive roof moss.

roof mossMoss is a natural organic growth it has the ability to absorb and retain water this can add up to one tonne per cubic metre. This can add unnecessary weight and stress to the overall roofing structure and its vital supports.

During the winter months moss saturated with water will expand as it freezes, this expansion can lift and displace roofing tiles and slates. This  means water penetrates the roof space and causes damage! It can also fill your gutters causing overflows and damp in your walls

Stop it – then you don't have to keep removing it!

If the cleaned surface is not treated afterwards, algae will return within a matter of weeks meaning surfaces would have to be cleaned several times a year to keep them looking smart.

In order to avoid this, we offer to treat cleaned surfaces against algae and moss re growth.
One application will last anywhere from 18 months up to 3 years, depending on conditions

As an illustration of just how effective this product is, below are photographs of it even working under tidal conditions, 8 months after application. It is very useful in marine environments such as pontoons, harbours and docks where slippery surfaces can be dangerous.

Treatment of cleaned surfaces removes an argument often heard against exterior cleaning,
i.e. that slippery and unsightly moss and algae will quickly grow back. Treating cleaned surfaces as explained here means your property can remain Immaculate for years!

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Please Contact Us regarding your algae removal and treatment in the London area.

We will be happy to discuss projects with you and advise on the best cleaning method to use.

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