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Patio Cleaning Services London

We restore patios, terraces paved gardens and driveways.

A patio in central London will quickly become blackened and green from dirt, pollution and algae.

We use cold or hot water pressure washing to bring them back to their former glory.

We can also use our masonry cleaning products to remove particularly stubborn stains.

Algae on paved areas in your garden is unattractive but also dangerous if it makes the ground slippery. Our cleaning methods cut through the algae and the hot water kills it, preventing it from growing back very quickly.

In order to retard growth further we can spray cleaned surfaces with an anti-bacterial agent.

Cleaning your patio transforms your outdoor spaces, bringing light and colour back to your garden. A dirty, dark paved area absorbs light in a way you probably don't notice anymore if it has been like that for a long time.

Our professional patio cleaning services can really can transform your garden.

Patio Cleaning Methods

Our patio cleaning methods work on all types of stone.

The advantage of our hot water pressure washing services is that the additional cleaning power provided by the heat means we do not need to use very high pressure.

Please note that in order to provide hot water jet washing we need to be able to position the boiler near the area to be cleaned.

If we cannot provide hot water pressure washing due to inaccessibility we will carry out a cold wash.

In addition to our patio cleaning services we can also clean driveways, steps, basement entrances and brick walls in this way.

We cover the Greater London area with our patio cleaning services.

For all your driveway cleaning and patio cleaning London requirements please contact us


Before Patio Cleaning


After Patio Cleaning





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