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Masonry Paint Removal Company London

Masonry Paint Removal Service

Immaculate Exteriors provide an expert masonry paint removal service in Central and Greater London and the Home Counties.  We are highly experienced in this specialised area of façade restoration and can remove paint from any masonry surface including brick, stone or concrete. We are also a graffiti removal company

Before masonry paint removalAfter Masonry paint removal

House before and after masonry paint removal

As a masonry paint removal company the hot water pressure washing equipment we use for exterior cleaning can be used to remove masonry paint when used in conjunction with a solvent.  We apply the solvent and leave in place until it reacts with the paint.  We then start to jet wash the softened paint away with the hot water.   The heat acts as a catalyst on the chemical and the paint “melts” and falls away from the substrate.  The paint comes away in layers and the process is repeated until the wall is clean.  

We do not need to use very high pressure with this technique and as long as the masonry and pointing is in good condition they will not be affected.   

Once the paint removal has been carried out the bricks will appear as they were before they were painted; if they were blackened from pollution before they were painted this discolouring may still be visible.  Sometimes a chemical brick clean is necessary to brighten the bricks.   It is up to the client to choose what finish they require. 

Terrace house before paint removalTerrace house after paint removal

Terrace house before and after masonry paint removal

Why remove the masonry paint?

We strip paint from houses which have been painted in past decades when it was fashionable to paint facades, covering up attractive patterned brickwork.  

Another reason for removing paint is to allow a building to breathe.   The common use of inappropriate paints in the past can prevent masonry walls from breathing.  This can lead to "blowing" of the stone-work, allowing damp and frost to cause damage.  Non-breathable paint can also cause damp problems on the inner walls of a building by trapping humidity within the masonry. 

Returning a masonry building to its intended state by removing the paint can add significant value to a property, solve damp problems and prevent the deterioration of masonry.

More before and after pictures of masonry paint removal

Balcony before paint removalBalcony after paint removal

Clients should be aware that masonry paint removal from bricks and stone is difficult, messy and unpredictable work.  By the nature of the work we don’t always know what we will uncover. It is the most expensive service we provide in terms of cost per square metre.  

In order to quote we carry out a test at a cost of £95 + VAT to establish how well the paint will react to our methods.  50% of this test cost is refunded if you proceed with the work. Facades need to be scaffolded and sheeted for us to have access and to prevent the paint from falling onto surrounding areas. The technique can be carried out on any masonry surface.  

If you can send us photographs of the property to be worked upon we can provide an initial estimate. Once the estimate has been discussed a small test area is usually carried out on the building before a quote is provided. 

Remember we are also a graffiti removal company.

More pictures are available to view in our photo gallery

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